Study in TOP 50

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Georgetown, Notre Dame, University of Chicago, University Of Michigan, University of California – Berkeley represent but a few prestigious elite institutions of advanced and higher learning which are accessible for scholar placement.
Morning Capital Co. Ltd in conjunction with MORGAN JONES and Partners has researched, developed and established an “Old Boys Club” network and instituted a unique process, system, proprietary method and professional service to qualify, admit and place deserving Chinese candidate scholars into select TOP FIFTY ( 50 ) Colleges and Universities in the United States.

There are a total of 4,900 colleges and universities in the United States;
Only 50, or 1 %, of which are elite, prestigious and exclusive;
The TOP 50 have the most demanding, difficult and uncompromising entrance, admission and competitive placement requirements;
Harvard University received over 30,000 applications in 2010, and only 2,100 of the students that applied were admitted;
Of the ten Chinese Nobel Prize Laureates in Sciences, five attended, conducted research at, or are current fellows of, U.S. elite universities.
The elite TOP 50 Colleges and Universities are recognized as offering the “Gold Standard” academic passport to assist and advance “Lifetime” achievement.

Some of our students study in Top 50:
Tony Liu from Guangdong
Lewis Yang from Fujian

Jerry Zhang from Guangdong

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