Rockefeller Sun
Rockefeller is the president, Chief Partner and the Chairman of the Investment Committee of Morning Capital Group.
Rockefeller graduated from University of Natal with Master degree of Law, and from EU-China WTO Law Expert Class. 
Rockefeller operated many Chinese found firms to list and merge overseas, and He is the professor of University of Washington Business School and Investment Research Institute of China.
Mr. Sun has business connection with Securities Regulatory Commission of U.S.A., New York Exchange, Nasdaq, London Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Berlin Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Exchange for many years.

David Krueger
David Krueger is the head of European Business Department in Morning Capital. Born in Germany, and studied in many countries, David is able to speak five different languages. David helped many Chinese businessmen to purchase properties in Europe. He also did significant contributions to Europe M&A and listing for many Chinese companies.

Kenneth R. Jones
Born in October 1938 and educated in England and Switzerland, for the past 30 years Kenneth has been active in international finance. He has assisted in a number of structured acquisitions as well as private placements to both United States and European residents, and advised small European technology companies in the initial listing of shares on the NASDAQ Exchange in the United States. Kenneth is the principal of Jones Consulting, a Swiss based financial consulting concern, founded in 1988. Kenneth serves on the boards of a number of non-Swiss and Swiss domiciled companies, and has consulted to a number of companies engaged in a variety of service industries and manufacturing disciplines.

Surya Bhushan 
Surya Bhushan has more than 7 years of work experience in capital market, trade finance & corporate banking. His last assignment was as Asst. Vice President with a leading bank from Middle East. He brings to the table vast experience of working /networking with various international financial institutions. 
Morning capital group has partnered with him to look after Indian market & explore business potential in the field of Merger & Acquisition, listing at stock exchanges across the globe & finding suitable investment opportunity for china based investors & vice versa.

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