Listing Service

Listing Service
Overseas Main Board IPO service including: Nasdaq, NYSE, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Singapore Stock Exchange and Korea Exchange
Domestic IPO service including: Main Board, Small and Medium Enterprises Board and ChiNext

1·Provide pre-IPO fund financing;

2·Assist in building up structure, equity restructuring and asset reorganization, reconciliation for financial indicators and taxation in order to make the domestic holding company meet the standards for overseas listing;

3·Coordinate with account reconciliation firm and intermediaries including Auditors, domestic lawyers, foreign lawyers, lawyer of the offshore corporate, financial printers, Stock Exchange, IR companies, underwriters, market makers, share converted institutions, etc. to completethe IPO, optimize the IPO operation process, reduce the IPO time and cost and apply ourexperi ences to solve various problems confronted by the enterprises during their IPO process;

4·Provide guidance to enterprises on preparation of English and Chinese financing documents required by intermediaries(for example, Prospectus, Business plan, Formal documents of administrative application to the government, Financial modeling, Stock option plan of the senior management and etc.) and co-ordinate with the enterprises and lawyers to answer the
comments from Securities and Exchange Commission;

5·Assist enterprises to prepare road show documents, provide relevant training and organize the public offering road show with the underwriters and the enterprises to assist with stock sale.

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