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Morning Capital concentrates on the traditional investment banking business, includes listing, financing, merging and OTC market etc.
We operate the Chinese enterprises overseas listing. Morning Capital cooperates with the stock exchanges in the US, HK, Germany, Singapore, Australia and Canada etc. closely. We keep a long-term relation with the famous listing lawyers, accountants, investment institutes as well. Morning Capital became the most fabulous listing operation company in China, and the first choice for the clients whom is going to do listing.
We recommend and guarantee the small enterprises to do listing in OTC market. The main OTC market in China presently is Tianjin Equity Exchange and Qilu OTC etc. Morning Capital has the qualification of recommendation and guarantee in the OTC market, helps the enterprises with share reform, financing and listing. After the listing, Morning Capital helps them to do financing and listing again in the overseas market. Guiding the enterprises to go further.
We do the fund management. Morning Capital has a strong fund management team that manages the fund in RMB and US dollars. Morning Capital invests the fast developing enterprises, and makes them listed in the OTC market. The ambition of Morning Capital is to grow and fight together with the clients.
We do the merging business. Morning Capital is the most capable company to do the merging business, no matter the where the business is. Morning Capital has the target enterprise library all around the world. We could find out the target enterprise to be merged within the shortest time for the clients, and we could help the clients with the strategy, negotiation, harmonizing the lawyers and accountant, discussion about and sign the agreement, completing the business transaction, garrison and harmonizing the local government and associations, until the clients work well.
Morning Capital is always the most loyal, finest partner with the clients in the capital market. Morning Capital would like to grow with you.


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